B+Nesdg Project

The B+NESDG project has been created with the aim of applying the Principles of Sustainable Development in Nepal and Bhutan.


“integral institutions” that foment sustainability, inclusion, and social responsibility in every part of the institutions.


education in Sustainable Development into Institutions of Higher Education using a quality-based, inclusive, and equitable approach. 


the current pedagogical framework to instill in students the knowledge, capabilities, values, and attitudes necessary to become responsible citizens of the world.


extended capabilities through training of the entire university community (staff, teachers, and students).


a new, flexible curricular framework through the non-prescriptive nature of its content.

The principles of Sustainable Development are fundamental to carrying out any activity that contributes to improving a country’s standards of living.

The B+NESDG project has been created with the aim of applying these fundamental principles in Nepal and Bhutan.

The activities that will be developed in the B+NESDG project are centered on Education. In this project, Education is understood as an indispensable means to instilling knowledge, capabilities, values, and attitudes based on Sustainable Development in new generations.

All of this has a clear objective: to contribute to making our world a better place.

B+NESDG, a project financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union, is focused on Bhutan and Nepal as two countries that need international support to help them develop their own structures.

To achieve its objectives, B+NESDG will carry out a group of activities intended to improve quality through a global perspective of capacity development in six Institutions of Higher Education.

The priority of the project is to convert these centers into international references and provide a positive influence among Institutions of Higher Education in both countries. An additional objective is for the beneficial effects resulting from this project to contribute to improving the quality of life in Nepal and Bhutan.

Leaving no one behind

The philosophy of the B+NESDG project is based on the principle of LEAVING NO ONE BEHIND. Both Bhutan and Nepal are committed to this cause

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