Dissemination plan
Dissemination plan
P4- RUB and P5-NEC have coordinated the preparation of the dissemination plan with the support of the Steering Group, including the strategy, activities and materials to be used to disseminate the project results. The subcontracting of a Sustainable Communication firm will also professionally support this stage. The plan will be presented to the consortium and approved at M6.
Social media plan and content and social media profiles design + training actions on communication and social media
Social media plan and content and social media profiles design + training actions on communication and social media
The objective of social networks is much more than just launching content, it is really understanding the strategy behind it through the different channels we deliberately choose, taking into account their particularities, audiences and community objectives. An added value is to adjust the frequency, tone, type of content to show, define the right use of images and videos and a suggested launch content calendar, all aligned with the visual identity of the project. As the consortium members do not have the necessary experience to perform this task, it will be outsourced to a communication agency and will be complemented with training activities.
Project website
Project website
During these first months we have developed the project website. This will be the main digital asset of the project implemented to be easy to use and navigate and functional internally, by team members, and externally by the general public covering all communication needs (content, blog, links to social networks, contact form, search bar…), activities and events. It will become the digital package of the project, a reference point for all marketing communication and brand identity actions, as well as the permanent reference once the project is completed (it will be maintained after the conclusion of the project). An online repository of updated B+NESDG project information, press releases, posts, official calls, relevant content, visual identity, downloadable PDF final report and brochure.
Project logo and corporate image of the project
The basis to properly communicate a project is its visual identity and the recognition that we can build together around it. The idea is to unite all communication actions under an identifying logo and a visual manual (colors, typographies, elements…). Due to the importance of the visual part in the world of communication, both offline and online (web, social networks, infographics) we need a powerful, fresh and attractive visual identity that is not only unique but also coherent with the values of B+NESDG. P1 has developed the corporate image of the project based on all these principles.




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