At B+NeSDG we have developed a Panel of SDG Indicators
At B+NeSDG we have developed a Panel of SDG Indicators
Following the Mapping Workshop, we developed a 6-day training action to help Partner Countries define their SDG Indicator Dashboard (SDGs, targets and measurement indicators). In addition a report has been produced that will present the first SDG-relevant Sustainable Development Indicator Dashboard (linked to SDGs) for Partner Universities to enable achievements to be measured, monitored and reported in a transparent way. The Sustainable Development Indicators Dashboard of the B+NESDG project collects the technical aspects of monitoring the 2030 Agenda and the working methodology for its measurement, as well as the baseline in which our HEIs are in relation to the fulfillment of the SDGs. The panel of SDGs indicators complements the roadmap and will serve as the basis for preparing annual monitoring reports that will contribute to socializing and raising awareness of the SDGs among the university community. The definition of the indicators will encourage and incentivize the inclusion of specific...
Internal Project Management and Quality Plan
Internal Project Management and Quality Plan
P1 has prepared a project management and quality plan with the support of the steering group and taking into account the indications of the external agency/institution. The plan takes into account progress and process, and defines how to monitor the following elements:-Progress assessment: degree of execution of planned activities, deliverables developed, WP status, existing risks and mitigation measures, expected progress forecast for the next 6 months. -Process control: frequency and types of quality reviews and approval process, design of risk management and contingency plans, how to manage the information provided under the project, how to ensure quality in economic management. Indicators are included to monitor the quality of project progress and processes. The P1-UPCT, in close collaboration with the Steering Group, will prepare a report every 6 months (M6, M12, M18, M24, M30, M36) focusing on quality issues on project implementation.




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