Launching of the ESD Platform
Launching of the ESD Platform

An event will be host at the participant HEIs to launch the ESD Platform.
The creation of an online engaging and interactive platform will serve to multiple valuable purposes. The
design of this platform is aligned with one of the key pedagogical approaches in ESD, student‐centred
learning. Student centred‐learning is increasingly designed by the learners themselves, who are given
planning, working and learning tools and are provided with partly‐open educational material. It is well
known that the participation in decision making: empowers oneself and others providing a greater sense
of ownership of and commitment to responsible action; builds capacity for self‐reliance and self‐ organisation; and empowers individuals to take action. Through a participatory process which involve a wider
number of relevant internal and external stakeholders, the challenges most relevant for the community
will be prioritized as it is vital to assure that the actors involved in the initiative find it very relevant and are
committed to successfully accomplish it.
The learning settings established will be implemented within the pilot experiences to undertake.