Leaving no-one behind campaign
Leaving no-one behind campaign

One of the main objectives of the project is to design a campaign to achieve a real impact on the institution in
the partner country and abroad. For them, a strategic action plan will be provided (what to do according to
the context, actions, indicators, resources, target audience, channels,…) and will support the creation of multimedia
materials, such as videos and online and offline content for brand recognition. Since the consortium
members do not have the necessary experience to perform this task, it will be outsourced to a Communication
Agency and will be complemented with training activities.
The execution of the actions and development of the designed events will be throughout the duration of the
project. This will be carried out by the Consortium members and supported with their own funding.
The philosophy of the B+NESDG project is based on the principle of leaving no one behind. Both Bhutan
and Nepal are committed to this cause. The B+NESDG project aims to make the principle of LEAVE NO
ONE BEHIND the cornerstone of all its activities, with an emphasis on two key issues: gender equality and
women’s empowerment. B+NESDG is committed to inclusive education. This way of educating is a process
that identifies and removes barriers, encourages the participation of all students and focuses on those who
are likely to be marginalized, excluded or underachieving.